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(PDF) The Effect of Quizlet on Vocabulary Acquisition | Abdulaziz B Sanosi –

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Abdulaziz B Sanosi. A short summary of this paper. Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. The modern trends of teaching and the vast advance of technology enable teachers to use online and mobile applications in a very wide range. The real effect of using such a method need to be measured.

Accordingly, this experimental-design study investigated the effect of Quizlet, a rapidly growing application with an online and mobile phone version, on vocabulary acquisition. Each group underwent a pretest and a posttest to assess their acquisition of the assigned vocabulary lessons that were extracted from their syllabus. After using Quizlet for vocabulary learning for a month, the experimental group participants show a significant improvement in vocabulary posttest.

Accordingly, the study acknowledges and recommends using the application at university level. Without an adequate volume of vocabulary, it is difficult for L2 learners to communicate or even express themselves properly.

Lack of knowledge of grammar or syntax, on the other hand, may distort communication, however, learners may still be understood. For these reasons, there has been a long debate about the best methods for vocabulary instructions and various suggestions concerning vocabulary acquisition were posed.

The focus of different L2 teaching methods fluctuated between grammar and vocabulary. While early approaches concentrated on grammar and internal structure of L2, subsequent trends focus on communication which requires greater mastery and larger amount of vocabulary.

This can lessen the long debate about where to focus and frees researchers and scholars to suggest methods that can account for both aspects of language simultaneously. To enable teachers and course designers to present vocabulary effectively, researchers provide principles that can be applied in varieties of learning situations. One of the concepts suggested in this regard is learning from meaning-focused input where learners are expected to perform deliberate learning activities such as studying vocabulary from bilingual flashcards and doing cloze exercises using missing words or matching pairs [2].

Strategies of these type are now applied electronically on a wide range taking benefits of the vast advance in technology and the developing approach of Computer Assisted Language Learning CALL.

Accordingly, the effects of implementing such strategies in developing vocabulary acquisition and mastery have to be measured. The resultant findings of such measurements can give insights about adopting these trending teaching methods. One aspect of this development is the vast use of mobile devices in classroom which have become fundamental gadgets in higher education as regarded by [5] causing new generation of CALL to emerge [4].

This widespread of mobile phone usage makes MALL, as termed by Chinnery [7], an inevitable extension of CALL as the use of mobile phones dominates all aspects of life including language learning. Moreover, the advance in internet and the emergence of web. More interactive aspects are now available to language learners including customizable e- flashcards, engaging games, and collaborative activities. A famous example of these applications is Quizlet. It utilizes user-designed learning modules composed of terms and their definitions or descriptions.

These modules called study sets by Quizlet are presented to students through different learning modes including flashcards, games, collaborative activities and quizzes to allow rote learning environments that can help students master different subjects especially languages and vocabulary. The application interfaces designed for the website incorporate 8 learning modes of which 5 are available in the mobile application interface.

Table 1 below compares the two different interfaces: Table 1: Quizlet learning modes on website and mobile app Learning mode Mobile app. Questions grades from easy to Available difficult. Flashcard Digital flashcards demonstrate terms and can be flipped by mouse Available clicks or tabs on screens to show definitions or pictures explaining the term.

Students are asked to write the definitions for the terms or the Write pictures exposed. Extra attempts are required if the learner makes Available an error. Students listen to audio prompts and are asked to type what they. Spell hear. If they misspell the word, they will hear it dictated letter by Not letter while the correct answer is being typed in the screen. The questions are based on the study Test set whether the terms are explained by picture, definition, or L1 Available translations.

Students can check their scores and the correct answers for the mistaken ones. A game in which learners are asked to match terms to their Match definitions or the corresponding pictures as quickly as possible. Available Each time a learner finished, the app shows him his score and rank among other learners. Another game in which the terms appear on asteroids approaching the planet. Learners are asked to type the corresponding definition Not Gravity of the term before the falling asteroid crashes onto the planet.

The learners are distributed to groups each of Not which answers multiple choice questions based on the study sets available via their mobile devices. The answers are randomly scattered among the devices, therefore, a collaboration is required to decide the correct answer. The first group to finish the game wins. Moreover, users have more options of how to use each mode such as answering with terms or definition, playing audio or not, and studying all the terms or specific ones.

Since its public launch in , learners in countries have completed more than 3 billion study sessions via Quizlet website and its Android or iOS application. Around million sets have been used by students in those sessions[14]. According to [15], the main advantages of Quizlet are represented in its simplicity to use and configure, its excellency for self-learning through many learning modes and the various features that are available in its free version.

With exception of voice recording, diagrams and free image selection, users can use the free version to employ all the other features presented by Quizlet to design study sets for self or collaborative learning. This rapidly growing Asian Online Journals www. The integration of those features, the researchers believe, made Quizlet a comprehensive platform for learning vocabulary. Other researchers have investigated the actual effect of using Quizlet in and out classrooms.

The results of the study showed a significant difference between the scores of the two groups in favour of the experimental group whose members used online Quizlet flashcards for learning. Thus, Quizlet was suggested to be effective in vocabulary learning by that study.

Similarly, Dizon [18] examined the efficacy of Quizlet in developing L2 English vocabulary by 9 university students. After examining the assigned vocabulary list for 10 weeks by using Quizlet, the posttest results showed considerable gains by the subjects compared to the pretests results. The researcher acknowledged that Quizlet can significantly enhance academic vocabulary acquisition.

Other researchers, however, were concerned with the perception of students towards Quizlet. In this regard, Kose, Cimen, and Mede [19] observed and interviewed 42 students who used Quizlet as vocabulary learning tool for four weeks. The results revealed that most of the students considered Quizlet effective especially in learning definitions, synonyms and pronunciation.

Similarly, Lander [20] explored opinions of low-level students about Quizlet after using it for a period of 9 months inside and outside classrooms. The results revealed that the students have shown a resounding approval of using Quizlet for learning vocabulary.

To achieve this, the study tests the following hypothesis: H1. It attempts to fill in the methodological gap that emerged in the most of the previous studies as stated below. Many previous studies that dealt with Quizlet adopted experimental research design that involved one group. They administer pretest and posttest to the same participant and attributed the development to the implementation of this learning technique.

While it is likely to be the case, other factors may cause the progress such as practice effect [21]. The method adopted by the present study, however, is to use two groups design and to assign pretest and posttest for each of the group to minimize the potential factors that may be candidate as casual factor for any gains accomplished by the experimental group members.

The participants were randomly divided into two groups: experimental and control group. Each group incorporated 21 students.

According to the English language program of the college, vocabulary course is delivered in semester II which means that the students are still in their first year at university. Two tests: pretest and posttest were administered to the two groups of the study. The ceiling score of each test was 15 marks divided between the three questions. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Share Email. Top clipped slide. Quizlet “How To” workshop Sept Sep. Download Now Download Download to read offline.

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Dry: A Memoir Augusten Burroughs. Related Audiobooks Free with a 14 day trial from Scribd. In Microsoft Word, open your wordlist see: Appendix 1 2. Check for accuracy 3. Note the kind of keyword to definition separation.

Note the separation between rows. Start a browser Chrome if you have it 2. Log in to your Quizlet account 3. Click on the Create link 4. Input type a Study Set Title. Use the title in Appendix 1 5. Select English under Terms and Definitions. John Allan mrpottz 2 6.

Click on the Import button 7. The Import your data screen appears 8. Return to Appendix 1 in this document 9. Select all of the data from the first keyword clear to the last definition someone who studies something Return to the Quizlet browser screen Right click on the large, empty text box Choose Paste as plain text Ensure that the setting Between Term and Definition is correct Tab Ensure that the setting Between Rows is correct New line Scroll down to screen to inspect the Preview area below When the Preview is acceptable, click on the Import Terms button The items have been placed in the Study Set Click on the link change under the text Visible to everyone The Permissions pop-up appears.

In the column Who can view? In the column Who can edit? Click on the Save button 3. John Allan mrpottz 3 On the Create a new study set page, select the Add image icon beside the term connect Quizlet offers options you must upgrade to upload images Choose an image, choose images for the list Select the Add voice recording icon beside the term connect To preview the audio, click on the link, Listen to Quizlet audio Select the Auto-define icon beside the term contribute Scroll down the offered definitions


Microsoft Word Quiz 1 | Applications Quiz – Quizizz.


Question 1. The portion of the screen with tabs and buttons is call the If you wanted to maximize the document viewing area and only see the menu headings which option would you choose? Show Tabs and Commands. None of the other choices.

What does this button allow you to do? Add buttons to the Quick Access toolbar. Change the ribbon display options. Minimize the document. From the file menu which command would allow you to open an existing document? Which command from the file menu will allow you to change the name or location of a file?

What is the blinking vertical line in your document that indicates where you can enter text on the page. Which key do you press to add a new line of text? Drag and drop is a technique to In Word you can format the font, size, and alignment but not the color of text.

Before you can format text you must first Portrait Orientation. Moves items from the clipboard into the document. White space separating text or objects from the edge of the page.

First Line Indent. Left Alignment. Aligns text flush with the left margin. Right alignment. Left alignment. Center alignment. First Line indent.

Orientation where the long side of the page runs horizontal. Key combination which performs certain commands when pressed. Super Sonic Combo. Do-All Combo Key.

Keyboard Shortcut. Keyboard Command Station. Aligns text to run evenly between the left and right margins. Justified alignment. Location where the text or object will be entered based on the location of the cursor. Hard Page Break. Insertion Point. True or False: Grammar Check is an editing tool which reviews documents for grammatical errors.

Auto Correct. Overtype Mode. Black blinking line in the document to show the location where text or objects will be entered. Hanging indent. Smart Art. File Extension. Non-Contagious Selection. Clip Board.


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Click on the Create new test button Quizlet Basics Tutela webinar Sept 25 Heffernan, “Mobile 2.


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