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The courier expert guide pdf free download

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The courier expert guide pdf free download. Incoterms® Rules 2020 (International Commerce Terms)

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by Pinnacle Entertainment. Fields of Honor:World War II is a fast-paced wargame from Pinnacle. This new edition brings the battlefields of Europe to your tabletop and puts you in command of a company or more of US or German troops. The rules are easy to learn and . Courier Expert. Lanyard with authorisation card & Hi-Viz Vest A book of Courier Expert branded delivery notes Printed version of this starter guide Free SMS Text message alerts. We pay you 50% of the quoted job price. Trusted expert express courier service is a professional, caring, and trusted pet transport agency that specialises in international pet travel and pet transport based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Whether you are relocating to a new country or simply transiting through Johannesburg, we will guide and assist you every step of the way when.

The courier expert guide pdf free download

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Incoterms [UPDATED ] – Free PDF Incoterms Guide & 11 Podcasts by ICC – Choose a region


Below is our User Manual. Important: You need to set your service types for pricing, and to edit the placeholders we created for you. Next, you need to set your types of courier service so you can individually price each type of delivery. This will be displayed on your public Zoom sub-domain e. Next you will want to set your pricing. Public Profile. Important: You need to set pricing for your couriers on the pricing page when you first begin, or else you will not be able to get accurate price calculations for your journeys.

After you create a courier, they will receive an email with a link to download the app, and a brief tutorial of how to use it. A courier can then be assigned jobs, take jobs, use the wayfinding feature and change their availability status on the app.

This allows you to price based on distance and the area your drivers work in. You can then draw a polygon by clicking around the area you wish to designate. Complete drawing by creating a shape. You can then name the polygon and reference it in future. Agreed Fares polygons always take priority over your city map polygon. If the areas ever overlap, the customer will be charged for the Agreed Fares prices if it is assigned to them, not the city map.

You can also decide whether to apply this to all customers or set a price for an individual customer. Agreed Fares — Map Areas , now we need to set prices for the zone.

These courier types need to be created by you before this step seen in 1c. Courier Types above , but may be created by Zoom support staff when you set up. You can also delete a map area here, then redraw it in 1f. Agreed Fares — Map Areas. Your company is now set up on Zoom! In the top right hand corner of your screen, click your company name. This displays the profile drop-down menu.

You can change details for both the private and public parts of your account here. Customers normally sign up for themselves, but there is the option to create a customer by administrators. In order to create a customer, go to the navigation bar and select Customers , then Create a Customer. NOTE: Setting a pricing tier for every customer is not mandatory.

Customers be sorted by Ascending and Descending order with each of these options. The customer SMS Gateway allows automatic communication between drivers and customers when packages are out for delivery. To activate this feature, please contact Zoom Courier Software customer support at hello zoomcouriersoftware. Multiple logins can be added for businesses which require multiple users to log into the company account.

Simply request this feature from customer support at hello zoomcouriersoftware. In the Jobs option in the navigation bar, you have the option to search jobs or view scheduled jobs. Jobs are created in the Dispatch screen, which is elaborated upon below in 4a. Dispatch Screen. Scheduled jobs allows you to view a list of currently scheduled jobs. The map on display here is the one you set in your 1b. Public Profile Delivery Area Map. You can edit your profile by clicking on your company name in the top right of your screen and selecting Public Profile from the drop-down at any time.

Create a Customer , or you can select New Customer to quickly create a new customer. With an Existing Customer, you can input an existing customer via their User ID, Name or Email Address, you can select the matching option which will appear below.

With a New Customer, you need to input their email. Important: You will receive an error message when creating a job if you do not have your Stripe account connected to Zoom and are not within our Free Trial Period. You can connect this in 1d. You can use the arrow button in the top right to go to the previous screen at any time. It will appear on the dispatch screen along with the route plotted out in the map, as pictured below. Assigning a job is quick and easy.

If you have both a job and have a courier associated with your company, your dispatch screen will look like the image below. Note that the courier above is offline, this is because they have not flagged themselves as available on the app.

A courier needs to download the app to their phone from :. Your courier then needs to log in on the application through the activation email sent to them after you created them as a courier. Through the application, a courier has the ability to flag themselves as available and manually accept a job.

The process for a courier logging in for the first time is covered in our courier start-up guide here. You will now get a list of your couriers. You can select and expand on that courier to see their wages. This can be useful if you are doing bonuses for the Christmas period, or deductions for van rental for example.

If you fill in a negative number, for e. The subcontractor cost log allows you to better distinguish between costs incurred by your couriers vs those of hired contractors. Two document options can be selected in courier compliance management: an upload request e. Note: Invoicing is not a required element of Zoom but is commonly used. On the invoices page, your invoices for each job are logged.

Jobs are searchable by multiple criteria including:. If any amendments are required, invoices can be manually edited before sending. You will then be faced with a screen like the image below. You can name the area, define the route as a pickup or delivery route, whether to display the job to all or specific couriers, or immediately assign the job to a courier. The county-based pricing matrix can be customized by you to match the counties you deliver within. Simply ask our customer support at hello zoomcouriersoftware.

Skip to content. Table of Contents. Draw Polygon Option. Profile drop-down menu. A queued job for a courier. Speak with our expert today.


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